Comedy Hypnosis by Bruce Black C.H.

Entertainment You Will Remember!


TDon't settle for less; demand the BEST!!

Facts about Hypnosis

- A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. If you resist or do not want to be hypnotized, it will not work.
- Hypnosis is not sleep, but very much like daydreaming.
- You will remember everything that occurred while under hypnosis.
- Due to your relaxed state, 30 minutes under hypnosis is equal to a few HOURS of sleep. It feels great!
- Hypnosis requires your consent. No one is forced on stage against his or her will. 
- You will not reveal intimate secrets while hypnotized.
- Your subconscious self will prevent you from doing anything you really do not want to do.
- A person cannot get "stuck" in hypnosis. This has never happened.
- Have you have ever driven down the highway, begun to daydream and while your conscious mind is elsewhere, driven right past your exit? That was a form of hypnosis!

Bruce Black C.H. is a member of the Society of American Magicians and

certified as a Professional Stage Hypnotist and a Clinical Hypnotist.


Bruce Black C.H.* was personally trained and certified in the Art of Stage Hypnosis in Las Vegas by America's Greatest Hypnotist, the legendary Ormond McGill, who literally wrote the book on the subject!** Ormond McGill is widely considered the "Dean of American Hypnotists". It was a supreme honor for me to be trained by this legend and master of the art.


In addition to being personally trained by the Master, I am a professionally certified clinical Hypnotist and a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute of California.


$3,000,000 insurance coverage for your protection!


Don't settle for less; demand the BEST!!

Call Bruce Black at (719) 210-6654 or e-mail for details

on how to make your next event the most hilarious ever!

* CH - Certified Hypnotist

** Ormond McGill's book, The Encyclopedia of Genuine Stage Hypnosis, written in 1947 is widely regarded as the most important book in Stage Hypnosis and set the standard for all that followed! 

In Las Vegas around 2002 with my mentor, the famous Ormond McGill, the Dean of American Hypnotists!

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