Comedy Hypnosis by Bruce Black C.H.

Entertainment You Will Remember!


Comedy Hypnotist Bruce Black


"Destination: Imagination"

A Fun-filled Show Where

Your Co-workers Are The STARS!!!


Facts about Hypnosis

- A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. If you resist or do not want to be hypnotized, it will not work.
- Hypnosis is not sleep, but very much like daydreaming.
- You will remember everything that occurred while under hypnosis.
- Due to your relaxed state, 30 minutes under hypnosis is equal to a few HOURS of sleep. It feels great!
- Hypnosis requires your consent. No one is forced on stage against his or her will.
- You will not reveal intimate secrets while hypnotized.
- Your subconscious self will prevent you from doing anything you really do not want to do.
- A person cannot get "stuck" in hypnosis. This has never happened.
- Have you have ever driven down the highway, begun to daydream and while your conscious mind is elsewhere, driven right past your exit? That was a form of hypnosis!

Bruce Black's Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show, "Destination: Imagination" is a hilarious event for all ages, where your co-workers and other guests will become the stars of the show! Stage hypnosis is a unique audience participation event that everyone will talk about for weeks. Most of the audience will be doubled over in laughter as they watch their friends on stage do the most incredible things! This is a 60-75 minute show that everyone will remember. Although based in Colorado, our Comedy Hypnosis Show is also available in Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas and nation-wide to make your next holiday party the greatest ever!!!

Perfect entertainment for your next corporate holiday party!! 


You will laugh from beginning to end! All routines are family-oriented with safety and appropriate content as our main concerns! Fully insured and certified!

All routines are good clean fun with no "blue" or questionable material!!

“Wonderful Entertainment! Lots of Fun For Our Holiday Party. Thank You!”

Tom Ross, President, Alert Technologies, Colorado Springs, CO

"Great Job! I Laughed Until My Stomach Hurt!"
Alamosa High School Reunion Committee Member, Alamosa, CO

"Great Job of Including the Whole Group. The Kids Are Still Talking About It! 

This Will Make Alot of Memories!"
Jesse Shawcroft, After-Prom Committee Chair, Centauri High School, La Jara, CO

"Great Show! It Made Me Laugh Much More Than Other Shows I've Seen!"
Susan Moore, Student, Centauri High School, La Jara, CO

"My Kids Loved It! I Loved It!" 
Carla Aleveia, Colorado Springs, CO
"Bruce's Show Was Fabulous. My Best Friend Went Under! Great!!"
Joyce Fuxa, Denver, CO
"The Hypnosis Show Was Awesome! It Was The Best Memory Of Our 20 Year Reunion!

Highly Recommended!"
Brad Sandovol,
Alamosa High School Reunion Committee, Alamosa, CO

“Great Show! Nice clean fun and a blast for everyone!”

Richard MacKay, Reliable Rentals

"Thank You For A Wonderful Event!

YouHad Raving Fans After The Comedy Hypnosis Show!

Thank You For Making Our Event One That They Will Remember!"
Kathi King, DeeSign Company (hosting Coldwell Banker Event), Dothan AL

Perfect Entertainment for Your Next Event!!

Your co-workers and friends will: 
· Laugh hysterically
· Applaud wildly
· Remember your event
 fondly for years

"What A Great Way To End Our Conference! Awesome!!"

Mary Crosslin, Alert Technolgies, Colorado Springs, CO


New, Exciting, Special Occasion Entertainment
When your  company needs an amazing event that everyone will enjoy , give them the Bruce Black Comedy Hypnosis Show "Destination: Imagination"! It's new, it's fun and it's definitely not the same old thing! This will be the talk of the entire event!

Laughter and Fun For Your Employees and Their Families
Designed for family audiences with emphasis on safety, fun and appropriate content. We specialize in family and corporate entertainment. That means we perform a fun and funny show with our audience volunteers. Our volunteers will be the stars of the show,  but we make sure that NO ONE gets embarrassed during our show!!

Create Fond Memories!
Your employees will fondly remember their Holiday Party for years!

The Hypnotist with a Flawless History of Successful Events
Bruce is one of the few comedy stage hypnotists that is professionally trained, certified and carries full insurance. With an impeccable, trouble free record of hypnosis shows; you can have confidence that your event will not only be entertaining, but also completely safe!

Bruce Black CH is a member of the Society of American Magicians and

certified as a Professional Stage Hypnotist and a Clinical Hypnotist.

Quality Entertainment for Corporate Events!!

Hilarious Entertainment for your

Next Holiday Party! 

Bruce Black's Comedy Hypnosis Show is

the answer you were looking to find!!!!

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